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You Said Yes! Pop the Bubbly! Advice for Newly Engaged Couples!

You said YES! The bubbly was popped, and the calls were made. Now that you’re officially engaged, its time for the hard part, planning the entire wedding! Yes, its true that planning one of the most exciting days of your life will be stressful and somewhat intimidating. Which is why I have put together some quick advice for the newly engaged couple.

Before you even think about color schemes and floral arrangements take a few minutes to read the top 10 important tips from budgeting and creating timelines to tips for knowing when to trust your instincts, there’s no better person to turn to than those in the know. So, if you really want to enjoy being engaged and planning a wedding, then really stick to these tips or hire a professional wedding planner.

Enjoy Your Engagement

Before you jump into planning mode, spend time as a couple. Maybe take a quick vacation for a few days together or plan a stay-cation. There will be plenty of time to start planning and you don’t want to miss out on sharing this special moment with your fiancé.

Understand Each Other’s Wish List

You have been secretly planning this special day since you were little. Now, the special day is finally here and there should be no reason why you should have to give up on your hopes and dreams. Talk to your partner about your vision and figure out what you both would like for your special day.

Set a Budget

This is by far the most important tip! I cannot stress it enough that you and your partner must be on the same page when it comes to your wedding budget.

Couples often find a venue and book vendors that they love but then realize they can’t afford everything or everyone they fell in love with. This is why it’s important to set a budget first. Get advice from those you know that have recently married or better yet a wedding planner to help set a realistic budget by knowing what services or products that are most important to you and your fiancé and what you can afford. This will help allocate your budget properly and not to be disappointed in services you could not have.

Choose a Color Palette

Your color palette determines so much, including the theme, the type of flowers, the decor, and basically the entire look of your wedding.

Think About Hiring a Planner

Wedding planning is a full time job and working with a planner allows you to maintain balance and a sense of normalcy in your life. You should be focusing on spending more time celebrating and avoid having the happiness of your engagement period overshadowed by the stress of planning. This will not only save you time, money, but a planner will also help with overwhelming decisions. Trust me, there is so much information which unfortunately can make the initial planning stages or even the thought of having a destination wedding in Italy seem too overwhelming. This is why it is helpful to entrust in the professionals who know their industry and will point you in all the right directions.

Stay Organized

Want to overcome the stress of planning? Then stay organized! Create a spreadsheet with all your to-do’s, potential vendors, their services, and pricing, and then tackle each task one-by-one. If the budget accounts for hiring a wedding planner, then I would! A wedding planner will help make the planning stress free as possible.

Plan Your Guest List Early

Your wedding guest list will influence other wedding decisions, so it's best to decide who you want to invite early on. After the excitement of getting engaged starts to settle, have a serious discussion with your fiancé about what size wedding you'd like to have. Do you want to celebrate with absolutely everybody, or would you rather have an intimate gathering of close family and friends? It's important to make a decision on how the two of you as a couple feel about this before getting too far into the guest list. Suggestion, once you are both on the same page, put together a spreadsheet of guests you'd like to invite and a list your partner would like to invite. Remember to put each guest on their own individual line! It will save you time down the road, I promise! The last step is involving family members if necessary.  Make sure you find a way to convey to any involved parties how you feel about the guest count.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Be Selfish! It’s your day! Choose what reflects your taste as a couple when you plan your wedding!

Timeless Styles

Trends will come and go. However, timeless styles that speak to your personalities will never go out of style! Choose a classic pick, you can never go wrong!

Trust Your Vendors

Hiring vendors you trust is one of the best things you can do for your wedding! It's so important to hire vendors that you feel comfortable with, get along with, and trust completely to do what you hired them for. Ultimately, on your wedding day, you want to hand over the reigns after all of the planning and details you've spent months and months working on so you can truly enjoy each and every moment of your special day.